A Deep, Dark Sky Essay

A Deep, Dark Sky Essay

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A Deep, Dark Sky

One decision. One mistake. That’s when it started. It was November of 2009. The day started normal. I got up and proceeded to get ready for another Friday of 3rd grade. The school day was well and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I came home and got my dance things ready. I went to the kitchen and had a snack while watching Disney. Later that day, I got ready for dance and soon my friend Mackenzie came over, we then set off.

The day was blue skies and chilly; an ideal autumn day. Though, when we left for dance the sky was deeply dark. Mackenzie and I were almost to the car when we heard commotion behind us from my dad, brother, and dog. My dad decided to let Rocky, a one year old puppy, out with no leash. Of course Rocky had already started to go the car with no leash though this time he decided it was play time. I told my dad before he let Rocky out “it’s a mistake”. He didn’t listen. I often wonder why people don’t listen. I’m sure everyone feels that way. I knew something would happen. I could feel it. I’m sure there’s a reason that it happened though I can’t help but wonder how he would be if it didn’t happen.

When he started running around, he looked like a dark figure moving swiftly in the cold air. You could barely see him. So many thoughts were running through my head. I couldn’t hear the people around me screaming to get him over to us. To him it was a game, to me it was the end. Imagine a small child playing with what she thought was a toy. What was actually the opposite. Her parents screaming and wishing they didn’t make one mistake and leave it out. That’s what I was thinking. Rocky is my brother. Losing him would make me lose it.

After a couple minutes of standing and thinking, I snapped...

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...us causing me to have a new problem, anxiety. With much examination Rocky was still living. I don’t remember the rest of that night. Though the accident that caused my Rocky to have health issues to this day will remain engraved in my memory.

Today, Rocky is a full grown lazymuffin. He enjoys playing with his toys then laying down on soft furniture. He still wags his small tail and he still gives kisses. Ever since the day he was hit, I grew more aware of issues like these. I now am extremely cautious of all animals because everything needs love. Rocky does have some health issues though none that are major. I’m not sure if he remembers that night. He is scared of loud noises which might be a result of getting hit. He still loves car rides though. My dad trained him even more after he was hit and now is a perfect dog. I’m grateful for Rocky and love him infinitely.

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