Essay on A Decade of Dishonor

Essay on A Decade of Dishonor

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9-11, one of the most tragic moments in the history of the United States, devastated Americans and unified the nation in a movement to increase protection personally, nationally, and politically.
On September 2011, members of the Islamist organization, Al Qaeda (Terrorist 1), purchased airline tickets to various flights. Once aboard, these terrorists seized control of the planes. Two of these usurped airplanes flew directly into both World Trade Center towers. The third jet collided with the Pentagon. The final plane, rumored to be bound for the White House or Capitol, landed in a Pennsylvania pasture (Lanctor 310). Within minutes, the Word Trade Center crumpled, followed soon by the Pentagon. This great travesty resulted in the death of over 3,000 Americans (Learn 1). Several lost their lives while exiting the building, while others died from the debris of the collapse. The aircraft passengers suffered similar fates. These deaths included relatives of many citizens, and led to a series of mixed emotions.
At first, Americans had believed the attacks to be freak crashes, but they quickly debunked this myth. Afraid of the unknown, citizens across the country took their children out of school and made calls to their loved ones, afraid that more attacks could follow at any time. Such a terrible incident struck serious emotion in the heart of Americans. Many feelings were experienced such as shock, rage, grief, and anxiety. Americans’ trust in their own safety, which had once been so solid, began to fail. However, the country united to relieve the suffering and to augment security (Documentary 1).
Firefighters and other professionals quickly emerged, attempting to salvage the towers and rescue citizens. Medical pe...

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