A Dead Woman 's Secret By Guy De Maupassant Essay example

A Dead Woman 's Secret By Guy De Maupassant Essay example

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In the short story “ A Dead Woman’s Secret by Guy de Maupassant, the basic theme is devoted to family and private relationships. The main characters in the story are Marguerite (the daughter), the judge (the son), the priest, and the deceased mother. Marguerite is a nun and she is very religious. The dead woman’s son, the Judge, handled the law as a weapon with which he smote the weak ones without pity. The story begins by telling the reader that the woman had died quietly, without pain. The author is very descriptive when explaining the woman’s appearance - “Now she was resting in her bed, lying on her back, her eyes closed, her features calm, her long white hair carefully arranged as though she had done it up ten minutes before dying. The whole pale countenance of the dead woman was so collected, so calm, so resigned that one could feel what a sweet soul had lived in that body, what a quiet existence this old soul had led, how easy and pure the death of this parent had been” (1). The children had been kneeling by their mother’s bed for awhile just admiring her. The priest had stopped by to help the children pass by the next hours of great sadness, but the children decided that they wanted to be alone as they spend the last few hours with their mother. Within in the story, the author discusses the relationship between the children’s father and their mother. The father was said to make the mother most unhappy. Great memories were running their their heads and then suddenly, Marguerite remembered all the letters her mother would receive. Marguerite and the judge decided to read all the letters. What they didn’t know was that their very religious mother had a deep secret, and it was hidden in the letters. The author pointed out the...

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...the drawer and “... closed the curtains of the bed..” (2). The children wanted nothing to do with their mother. “... the son slowly left his armchair, and without looking again at the mother upon whom he passed sentence, severing the tie that united her to son and daughter, he said slowly: “Let us now retire, sister.” (2).
A dead woman’s secret reveals a short story discussing how children of a dead woman discover her deepest secret. The children couldn’t accept what they thought was so horrible. There was a lot of ignorance and carelessness portrayed throughout this short story. The theme of ungratefulness was revealed in this story; The author depicted how disrespecting someone can inturn feed you with information you may wish you never knew and how someone can do one wrong thing and it immediately erases all the good things a person did throughout their lifetime.

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