Essay on A Day Towards A Hot Day

Essay on A Day Towards A Hot Day

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On a hot day towards the beginning of September, I decided to go on a hike. I went with a friend by the name of Tyler, both 16 at the time, on a hike to the top of Bridal Veil Falls found in the Spearfish canyon. We planned on going rock hounding, which is a hobby of ours. Another main focus of ours was to experience the beautiful waterfall in a unique way. Unlike everyone else looking up at it from ground, we would get to see the waterfall’s source and watch it rush over the edge. With our hiking packs full of tools and water for the hike, we took off not expecting what was to come.
Pulling up to Bridal Veil Falls, we were welcomed by the warmth and the smell of pine, and the vibrant greens coming from the canyon. There was a wide variety of people looking up at the falls from the ground, but only a select few would ever challenge themselves to go on the unknown journey to the top. As we jogged across the road to the trailhead we could not help the smile on our faces. Which did not even slip off as we climbed down the easy boulders to the stream to cross. Tyler surveyed up and down to find a way across the water and he assured me that he was not going to get his shoes wet. While I, on the other hand just embraced the crisp cold water, and walked right across, trying not to sprain my ankle on the slippery rocks below. Then we started to climb up the beginning of the trail it was not long that we noticed how steep it already was. So we stopped and discussed that it might be too dangerous and continue on. It crossed our minds that it is always harder to get down then it is to go up especially when it is very steep. Yet, we told each other that we did not want to give up and we kept on climbing.
We slid every few steps bec...

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...t his shoes wet and thought that a shower would be a lot better way to clean his wounds. As thrilling as that hike may have seemed, to this day we have not returned to that hike, nor have we hiked up any trail without a clear idea of what we were getting into.
Looking back at that day three years ago, I realize that this experience was nothing to be afraid of. If anything, this experience made me a stronger person and helped me relate this hike to life. There are many paths in life, and sure some might look easier than others, but that is not always the best choice. We ended up taking a different path because once we got to the boulder that Tyler had to boost me over it was not the safest. The boulder path looked promising right away, but we knew we were better off risking an unkown path than trying to take that one. Sometimes you just have to risk it for a biscuit.

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