A Day That Will Forever Essay

A Day That Will Forever Essay

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March 31, 2012 was a day that will forever be an important day in my life. It was my freshman year of high school and for many freshman do not experience this life events at this young age. I remember it was Monday night, and usually those nights my family have Bible studies. I remember that Monday night getting a phone call from dad. My dad is a truck driver so mostly for the whole week, I do not get to see him very often. He wanted to talk to my mom, so she went to her bedroom and talk to her meanwhile my grandma, sister, cousin, and I was finishing up Bible studies. A few moments later, I just hear my mom saying “Call 911” to my dad. Then, five minutes later my aunt shows up in our door steps to take my mom somewhere. The second that my mother said “I be back” and kisses me then seeing her running off with my aunt out of my house, my heart just sank. I knew that my dad was in trouble.
All that night I could not sleep at all. I remember sleeping my parents room and watching “That’s so Raven” all night long. Even the stupidest of Raven from the show did not take away the thoughts that was coming out of my head of that moment that my mom left the house a few hours ago. Like it was Tuesday, I needed to go school. So I went to school and in high school I was a good girl and never had my phone out. That day I remember when my orchestra director told me to put my phone away. At that moment I felt he was the most nefarious person in the world because he did not know what I was going through right now. Therefore I put it away but it was noon the next day and I did not anything over my mother or my father. Then I get a text from my mom saying “when can I talk to you”, and in that second I called her. She told me, “Honey, I am ok and you...

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... cry to it. I felt weak, I just wanted to run out of there. I the first thoughts that it came to my head was, I almost lost my father!” Then, my mom came to my ear and said “Be strong for daddy!” At that moment, I went to my dad and said to him “I love you, go home I will be find I am here alive”. When my mom pulled me away, I pushing towards my dad because I did not wanted to leave is side again because what happen I lost him again?
When I got out of the ICU, I went home with my mom and I remember what see said to me in the car. She said, you know that the hospital that saved your father life’s was the hospital that you were born. I did not realizes that until she told me that, guess what I did, cry again. Finally, she told me, do not worry daddy is ok. Now on we need to happy and be the light to your father to give him motivation. That is what exactly what I did.

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