A Day That Changed Me And My Family Forever Essay

A Day That Changed Me And My Family Forever Essay

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Driving home from work after a long day in the office is often elating, the windows are down, the sunroof is open, while the breeze is whisking past your face. As I approach a red light I notice a COTA bus in front of me; these are our city’s form of mass transit. After glancing at the bus, my mood begins to change and I begin to replay that day in my head. It was a day that truly and deeply changed me and my family forever.
Roughly two years ago on October seventeenth we had one of those rare fall days, where the sun is out, the temperature is reminiscent of a summer that isn’t long forgotten. Others were enjoying the outdoors on this beautiful day, but not me. I decided I deserved a nap, on a Friday evening that I had to myself post a grueling 60 hour work week. I opened an ice cold brew from the fridge and proceeded to relax, it must have worked because I woke up about 2 hours later and can hardly ever fall asleep on the couch. Groggy and disoriented, I checked my phone and I had several calls and voicemails from my Mom. Knowing her, she just wanted to know if I was going to stop by this weekend for dinner or ask me something about her computer. I return her phone call and she answered immediately, I don’t even remember hearing it ring once. “Don’t talk!” she said, so I stayed silent. “Your brother has been in an accident, and it’s bad. First responders had to restart his heart as it had stopped. They took him to Riverside”. I don’t even remember being able to process the words that I had just heard, my body seemed to be moving on its own. The car I was driving was moving faster than I had ever driven it, my hands were shaking and it was hard to focus yet somehow I made it to the hospital. “I’m looking for my br...

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...go around the cyclist. I drove around him slowly asking him to be careful in my head and continued home.
Even to this day I try to rationalize what happened to be more than just an accident, as a Christian I can’t willfully understand what purpose is laid out for me or others. Even minus one our family unit has never been closer, it’s as if he’s now the glue that keeps us all together. Our friendships are stronger, and I’ve learn to appreciate those that are in my life now in the present. Often complete strangers like that cyclist training on the road. It’s hard to travel in a city like Columbus and not see constant reminders of that day. Yet the most aggressive thought that comes to mind while driving in “D’Juan’s lane” is that my impatience, sense of urgency, or inept recklessness is worth more than the life in front of me, and that I need to share the road.

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