Essay on A Day of Atonement: Jewish Holiday

Essay on A Day of Atonement: Jewish Holiday

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A Day of Atonement
One of the most important holidays in Judaism is, Yom Kippur, which means “the day of covering” (Molly). It is considered as the holiest holi(day) of the year, the day in which people are the closest to God (Chabad). There are many steps and rituals that are performed before celebrating Yom Kippur, as well as during the holiday. During this day, people are able to repent for their sins, to change the path that they have chosen, as well as the last appeal, before God passes judgment (Rich). This Jewish holiday is different than others due to the fact it is considered the holiest holiday of the year; there are five (seven) prayer services that are held during it, the five prayer services take up a whole day.
In addition to being known as the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur’s has said to have derived from the word parallel word redeem from Psalm 49:7 (Parsons). Yom Kippur is celebrated for almost 26 hours, and during those 26 hours, people are not allowed to; drink, eat, wash their bodies, wearing leather on their feet, as well as being intimate with their significant other (Chabad). It is also considered as a Sabbath, but during this time, no work at all is allowed (Rich). During this time, prayers are said using the prayer book the Machzor, which is only used during this holiday and Rosh Hashanah (Rich).
Before Yom Kippur starts, people perform the Kaparot atonement; during this time people ask to receive honey cake, which shows acknowledgement of being recipients of God (Chabad). During this, one is able to prayer a prosperous year to come, as well as doing more charity acts. In the late afternoon before Yom Kippur, people eat the pre-fast meal, which is followed by blessing their children, as well as lighting ...

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...r the portion of repentance a portion is devoted for people to retell the stories of some of the early Jewish sages, and how the martyred their selves. The service ends with the “Araonic benediciton” (Parsons). 

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