A Day Of A Berkeley Student Essay

A Day Of A Berkeley Student Essay

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A Day in the Life of a Berkeley Student
The “BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!” of my alarm clock slowly turns my peaceful dream into a stressful nightmare. It is Tuesday morning and I have an 8 a.m. Organic Chemistry class, this is already enough wipe that smile right off my face. I roll over placing the pillow over my head in the hopes that it will drown out the annoying alarm clock that is still ringing in the background. Ten minutes later I finally muster enough courage to turn it off and get ready to start the eventual day that I have planned.
As I walk to Lewis barely lifting my foot of the ground I run into a peppy biker that wishes me a good morning. At first I notice his huge smile then I realize the bulky helmet on his head. The helmet is not the most attractive accessory but, I know that without the helmet riding a bike would be extremely dangerous. After trying to stay awake in Chemistry class, I run over to the Tang center to receive the final dose of my Hepatitis-B vaccination. As the doctor gets ready to cause me momentary pain, I hesitate and ask her if I really have to go through...

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