Essay about A Day Meeting At The P.a

Essay about A Day Meeting At The P.a

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Marissa joined Willamy for the 2014-15 school year. She was at the P.A. day meeting at the end of the previous school year and had introduced herself to the staff. I had several meeting throughout September and October with Marissa, most were pleasant and most having to do with instruction and scheduling. Our first meeting and several after that were regarding the supervision timetable. Three drafts later, and one staff accommodation (broken arm), it was finalized. My allotments were changed and I had even been scheduled for an afternoon duty on a day that I am only slated to be there until midday. She was very accommodating however; I drew the line when asked to switch a duty to lunch with the teacher that needed accommodation. I was already scheduled for my one ‘required’ lunch duty, I didn’t want any more, I am only in attendance at Willamy for two full days and a half day per five day cycle. In addition, I wasn’t partial to the staff member that needed the accommodation. I stated to Marissa that I had extra curricular commitments that were scheduled for lunch and that I was only here for two full days a cycle. She stated administrative power to assign but respected my extra curricular commitments.
Enchantment still filled the air in my early meetings with Marissa. I believed she possessed qualities and beliefs that were similar to my own (Jones & Webber, 2001, p. 8). However, after she told me that I was the third person she asked and that she had a tentative yes from another staff member, this started to break my enchantment notions, reminding me that everyone has different motivators. As I see it, Marissa or even the affected staff member could of sent out a friendly email asking for volunteers instead of im...

... middle of paper ..., is simple and includes things like, clear communication, teacher committee input for scheduling review or formation, teachers expressing problems to and through proper channels instead of talking in the hallways. At a school board level my recommendations for handling succession of administration involves changes in perspectives (Jones &Webber, 2001). The voices of all stakeholders need to be heard and empowered. By being able to identify what the school needs in a leader they will be able to find a leader that moves the school forward (Jones & Webber, 2001, p. 13). I don’t know how transfers of administration happen that when or why they are imposed. I never did find out why Shelby was transferred, she didn’t offer any explanation herself. There could be a variety of reasons, I will research this matter further in the future, it is of great interest to me.

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