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Every day is routine. You get out of bed, you shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and grab a coffee on the way out the door. You go to work, you eat lunch, come home, make supper, brush your teeth and go to bed. Sometimes routines get altered or shifted and sometimes you’re rushed, but in the end you always start and end your day the same way – bed. Our beds are usually places of sanctity, a place where we can escape the world and all of its worries. At least for most people that is what a bed entails.
It was a cold and stormy mid-November night. My grandfather and I had finished shoveling our driveway and were warming up by the fireplace. The clock struck ten and we were off to bed – an early morning of shoveling awaited us. We began our nightly routine: got in our pajamas, brushed our teeth and went to our separate beds. Five o’clock rolled around and shrieks rose from my grandparents’ room. To my dismay, my grandfather lying in bed, cold sweats overwhelming his body, convulsing back and forth in pain. I recognized his symptoms and knew this was to be his third heart attack.
Paranoia and fear rose in my grandmother’s eyes and shock quickly settled in next. “A phone, where is a phone? Where is the aspirin?”, I yelled. I knew that seeking medical attention right away, along with chewing an aspirin, drastically increases the survival rate of heart attack patients. It wasn’t my first time around the block, this had happened twice before. To distract my grandmother from the severity of the situation, I gave her the task of locating the phone and the aspirin, while I assured my grandfather remained calm and awake.
The paramedics finally arrived, after what seemed like hours of coercing my grandfather to keep his eyes open, whi...

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...t this province, and many other provinces, need in order to have a successful health care system. Since 2011, two, highly trained PAs have been assigned to the emergency room at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, in Fredericton, NB, and emergency room wait times have drastically decreased.
I believe the New Brunswick health care system has great potential. With the increasing popularity of physician assistants, I see a change in the health care system occurring and I want to be a part of it. I want to make a difference to the thousands of community members without regular or timely access to health care. I want to work alongside of highly trained medical advisors, to provide the highest quality health care to the underserved community. I want to give families like mine a sense of hope and trust in our health care system. I want to be a physician assistant.

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