A Day Is A Blessing Or A Curse? Essay examples

A Day Is A Blessing Or A Curse? Essay examples

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A One Day Difference
“Three day weekend!”a line that brings music to a child 's ear when they realize their weekend has been extended one more day. What would you think of a three day weekend not just every once in awhile, but every school week? A blessing or a curse? It seems more and more school districts have changed or have considered a four-day week compared to a traditional five-day week. People often read about or see an issue in the news, but are not always informed about the topic, which causes them to judge too quickly. According to the 9news, the Florence-Penrose School District in Colorado announced that they were considering converting to a four day school week to help recruit and retain teachers. However, there are many other positive advantages for converting to a four-day week. In today’s society small school districts should convert to a four day school week because, they will thrive much more efficiently by decreasing budget costs, absenteeism, and engaging more students in class.
Let’s face it, we all hate the word “budget”. A reminder that there is only a certain amount of money that can be spent, and figuring out how well to handle it can be exhausting. With a tight budget, it is very difficult for schools to operate well. However, with the shift to a four-day week small changes add up in the long run. For example, utilities such as electricity and water would decrease since students would not be at school on the fifth-day. In addition, transportation cost like fuel and driver salaries would be cut back, and there would not be such a high demand to hire substitute teachers because the school week would be shorter. In an article by Brian D. Hadfield “What Is the Effect a Four-Day School Week has on Tea...

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...sehold. A four-day week for these types of communities may not be as manageable compared to a smaller school district.. The reality is that figuring out child care services can either be easy or hard depending on the type of community the school district comes from.
When we first come upon an issue we have to take off that black veil in front of us that makes us judge too quickly. The best answer always comes from a person who is truly informed about the issue. A four-day school week can seem challenging at first when really it is not. With a small school district like Florence-Penrose it makes sense that they would consider switching to a four-day week schedule. The benefits the district can gain are clear, they can reduce budget costs such as utilities, decrease absenteeism, and engage more students in a short week with less stress compared to a five- day week.

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