A Day For A Nursing Home Essay

A Day For A Nursing Home Essay

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One day, we all may end up in a nursing home. Many do not think of what can happen once you turn 60. Suppose you live with your parents and work all day you get a call that your father, who is 65, has fallen. You may not think of what happened, but just thinking about if his ok and hopping it is not a big deal. Just wanting for your father get well a soon as possible. Not thinking a fall to an elderly person can do major damage. Then it hits you, your father will have to go into a nursing home for therapy. There is a chance it is short-term but no one really knows as time passes. You need be ready for the paper work and clear on what you want to do next. Your mother will need all your help in answering life or death questions.
When you look into an elderly nursing home, there is steps to getting approved. You must first talk to the admissions clerk which is the first person you see walking into the door. Your insurance can cover it but not all can be accepted. Another ways you can get rejected will be illnesses like cancer or being overweight were you may not fit in their twin size beds. A nursing home is very limited with the help they give. A CNA ( Certified Nursing Assistant ) helps the elderly get in and out their beds, shower, move around, help them eat, and drop off and pick up their medicine. Also, for the people who can still move around they are free to move around. Also, the patients who have Alzheimer’s disease carries around an alarm to see if they try to get out of their cheer or bed. If you go in and do not like the fast there is a roommate you can level up to the VIP stay for a few hundred dollars more. Everyday there is a schedule and you are not forced to take part of. It can be from a dance wo...

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... of people can pay the difference.
Every elderly nursing home has its ups and downs you cannot control what people do each day. If a nurse hurt a patent or a patent hits a nurse it can happen but it should be regulated on the spot. No one should be getting injured in a nursing home. An elderly home is made to help you with your needs till the last day. Also as for cost no one deserves to be denied help. There is home care if you would like to protect your loved one and see everything that is going on. The in home help will only give you a nurse one a day for about four hours or till she fells likw her job is done. A nursing home does seem a big harsh but it can be better than then your own help. If you want your father or mother to live another year or healthy again you should put them in a home where they will get everything they will need.

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