A Day For A Funeral Essay

A Day For A Funeral Essay

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The day was gloomy and a bit chilly−a perfect day for a funeral if that was possible−as she sat on the folding chair, staring at the bronze casket a few feet from her. While growing up Ruth recalled her grandfather always treated her special and they shared many good times. A tear rolled down her cheek, but she wanted to smile, knowing shortly they would lay her grandfather to rest beside the love of his life, her grandmother. Since his heart attack, she had visited him daily at the Mountaineer Nursing Home. He loved to tell her stories about the ghost on Putney Mountain, the loud screams in the day and the lights at night. Sometimes he talked about the secrets of Howardsville and promised one day he would divulge them to her. However, he passed away before he had the opportunity. Ruth’s desire to know the secrets compelled her to learn the truth about them.
Looking around, she saw several people who came to say good-bye some dressed in black, others appeared to be in a party mood and dressed as such. She didn’t know if they had come to pay their respects to the manager of the Eastern Auto Parts Store, or if they wanted to make sure the old man was dead. Even though he had warned them about the activities up there, they ignored him, but still blamed him for their losses.
It was time to leave when someone announced, “This now completes the service for Bert Bishop.”
After sitting there for forty minutes without hearing a single word the minister said or being conscious of shaking hands with anyone, it was time for her to be alone. Stumbling across the grass the black 55 Chevy Classic her grandfather gave her for graduation When Ruth no longer could control her tears, she sat in the car, sobbing and asking why he lef...

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...s, “I still have questions and would love to know where to find answers?”
Without saying a word, Max walked over to three different tables and whispered something to the ladies before handing Ruth’s order to the cook.
After waiting several minutes, Max served her lunch pausing to ask if she wanted something else.
“I asked a question, but didn’t get an answer and would still like one.”
“There’s not much to tell you, but the ladies over there agree if you’re looking for information about our town, you should visit the Women’s Club. One of the ladies said the club has a special luncheon today with the new mayor’s as their speaker. The president knows everything and can give you the nasty details about everyone in town.”
“Thanks, I’ll stop by before I leave town. It might take time, but I’ll find out what’s going on up here and expose their secrets,” Ruth promised.

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