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A Day at Work Essay

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A piercing sound grew louder as I slowly gained consciousness. Realising where it was coming from, I glanced at the stupid phone responsible for awakening me. Who the hell was phoning me at this time in the morning? Picking up the ringing object, I glanced at the clock hanging on the cream wall. 8:40am. Shit, I was late. Work started at 9am. I sighed. Whoever was making me even later better have a damn good reason.
I hit the answer button. "Yo." I mumbled into the speaker.

I recognised my step-mother's annoyingly highpitched voice screeching through the phone. "Robert James! That is no way to answer the phone! Next time I expect to be hearing a nice, 'hello, Robert speaking', none of this 'ya' nonsense-"
By this stage I had placed the phone next to my half-finished bio report on the desk. I had no intention of listening to her lecturing. She could try what she wanted, but she'd never replace my mum like she desperately seemed to be trying to accomplish. I was nineteen anyway, not much she could do. She couldn't even say 'yo' without sounding like a retard. Hell, she didn't even take the time to notice that noone called me by my full name. I was known as Rob to practically everyone apart from her.

Fully clothed in my wrinkled uniform, I grabbed the phone, rushing for the door. "Later's Ax!" I called over my shoulder to my roommate Axel, not giving a shit if he heard me or not. I was already running late. "I'll be back after work." I said, slamming the door behind me.
As I rushed down the dull dormitry halls of Greenville college, I wearily raised the phone back up to my ear. Not surprisingly, the screech-master was still at it. Before she could continue further on whatever the hell she was on about, I interrupted.


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Realising I had zoned out again, stopped in the middle of the shop, whilst balancing 5 coffees on a tray, I looked over to see some customers glaring impatiently at me. Sheesh, calm your farms, it's only coffee.
Not wishing to get any closer to those stuck up looking customers, I swivelled around again and headed straight back to the kitchen.
I threw the orders back on the bench and slapped Cade round the shoulder, "Tell the boss I'm sick won't ya? "
He looked at me doubtfully.

"Cough, cough?" I half heartedly faked illness.
"Whatever dude, " He eventually gave in, "But you know, you owe me now, right?"
"Anything you want mate." I honestly would have agreed to anything. At that moment I just needed to get out of that place. As soon as I got back to the dorms, I was planning on grabbing Axel and going on one of our not so legal adventures together.

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