A Day At The Saddle Dome Essay

A Day At The Saddle Dome Essay

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It was a Saturday afternoon around 6:00pm when I was busy getting ready to go to the Niki Minaj concert held at the saddle-dome in Calgary. I had just gotten off of work late and was rushing around the house getting my things organized for the most exciting night of my life. I had already pre planned my outfit the night before and had a perfect idea of how the night was gonna go. It was 6:30pm when I was just leaving my house to pick up my friend, until I received the dreaded text from her saying “ Sorry, I can’t make it to the concert”. Furious as I was I knew I had to quickly find a replacement before the concert started. I picked up my phone to dial any of my other friends but unfortunately all of them had made other plans. I was left with the only option of inviting my nerdy little sister, Laine. Many people who grow up with siblings understand how annoying siblings can be. They get on your nerves by following you around and embarrass you in front of your friends by saying stupid things. So when my best friend cancelled on me, the last person I wanted to take was my embarrassing little sister. Considering I had no other option and I was desperate, I decided to ask her. During the concert everything went fantastic, we cracked jokes, danced, and sang as loud as we could to our favourite songs. It was not until after the concert I realized that my sister is actually pretty cool and more fun then what I had originally thought . Since then I have come to terms with my sister being a fun fantastic person and I want to celebrate how awesome she is and how grateful I am to have her as my sister.

Growing up in Elementary school my sister was looked at as “different”. She was shy and dyslexic and didn’t fit in as much as a normal ki...

... middle of paper ...

... sibling is uncool, they decline to understand that a younger siblings defines who you are and can actually be a great friend. A sibling that gets on your nerves, embarrasses you, steals your things, and someone you constantly fight with, can actually be a huge part of who you are and who you become. My sister can be an annoying sometimes but that does not change the amount of her vital importance to me. She has developed to be more then just my younger sibling who I fight with, but someone who contributes to who I am and has more meaning then just my little sister. Even though my sister is perceived as a nerd or someone who I will never get along with, she in fact is someone who means more to me then anyone in this world. She has had a huge impact on my life compared to any friend I will ever have and this gives me the great reason to celebrate her as my sister.

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