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It was a delightful day at the park. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and there was not a cloud in sight. There was what seemed to be hundreds of kids running and playing without a care in the world about what their parents were doing. On the other hand, there were hundreds of parents paying attention to their children in different ways. In this environment there are three types of parents that stick out the most: The Helicopter, the Jukebox, and the Police Officer.
The Helicopter usually only has one child; she wouldn’t be able to focus on more than one child because she is too busy trying to clock their every move. Like a she hovers over her child and watches their every move. This mom probably makes sure she packs band aids, Neosporin, and alcohol pads in her purse so, whatever the case may be she’ll be there for the rescue. She climbs around the playground with her child and never gets time to rest or chat with the other moms. She is all about her child. This mother walks the juvenile through every piece of the equipment at the playground; she waits at the end of the slide, holds the child’s feet while crossing the monkey bars, and walks beside the wobbly bridge as the child runs across. Going to the gym is never a part of her daily plans because she gets a satisfactory workout by just running around the playground with her child.
At home this mom listens out for any and every noise that comes from the area that the child is in. She makes sure all of the toys are appropriate and that the child cannot get into anything without her knowing. All of the T. V’s in the house have a child lock on the except the

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...e a many different types of mothers that can be spotted at a playground. These three are the ones that stand out the most: The Helicopter, the Jukebox, and the Police Officer. These ladies all have very different parenting types, but all adore their children dearly. If anyone goes out to a playground these three mothers would be the easiest ones to spot. They all
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make themselves known by either hovering their child, including themselves in the “cool mom” conversations and being the main one that talks, or policing the acts of all the children on the playground.

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