A Day At The Laundry Essay

A Day At The Laundry Essay

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As I carefully unloaded my bags from the car, I quickly overlooked the crowd of people that were already there before me. Noticing that it was not too busy a smile crawled its way onto my face. With the aide of one of the many utility carts, I placed my bags into them along with my supplies and proceeded into the laundry mat.
Yes, it’s that day that we all hate to face, laundry day. Having presorted my dirty clothes at home into their different categories, whites, colored, delicates, etc., I placed each of the presorted bags besides a washing machine that would accommodate each bag based on the load size. I then walked up to the service counter, where Ms. James, the laundry mat attendant who has been working there for the past eight years or more was busy refilling the cooler with many different brands and flavors of soft drinks for sale. I cheerfully asked her how she was doing and how was her day? In her soft and frail voice she replied that her day was fine and that she was doing fine. I took thirty dollars from my purse and asked her if she could please change my money into ...

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