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A Day At The Beach Essay

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Please keep in mind that most Filipinos say “F” when they mean “P”. So foot becomes “poot.”



D=Delia (Wife)
F=Feral (Fez) (Husband, Father and Employer)
DW=Darwin (21 year old son)
M=Morwin (19 year old son)
C=Clinton (18 year old son)
E=Enting (18 year old son)
I=Inton (15 year old son)
C=Champers (8yo daughter)
R=Rebelyn(Darwin 's wife)
U= Unggoy=Renzo (Unggoy=monkey, which is what I call him. Our one year old Grandson.)
J=Jessica (Maid/housekeeper)


SETTING: Feral and Delia 's upstairs bedroom. First thing in the morning.

F: Are you guys almost ready to go to the beach?
D: Yes, baby.
F: Can you get me some shorts please, Princess? I need to get out of bed and ihi (pee).
My shorts are downstairs in the washing basket among the mountain of washing that gets done here each day, waiting to be folded.

Delia returns with a shirt.

F: No that 's a shirt, darling, I have a shirt but I need something to cover my lubot (butt).
D: (Laughing) Sorry baby, I 'll just answer the phone first.

She leaves to answer the phone.

F: Champers, can you get ...

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