Essay on A Day After A Long Day At Work

Essay on A Day After A Long Day At Work

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One day after a long day at work I came home to an unexpected conversation. Something a kid wouldn’t want to hear from a parent. The thing is, i’m not a kid but it hurt me like one. My own mother told me that she was going to start over, “a new life with something different”. She was moving to a different state.
My mom told me she was moving out because of my dad’s addiction to alcohol. She told me she couldn’t take it anymore and that she was done with it. She gave me plenty of reasons and on the outside I tried to stay calm, I looked at her as if it were any other talk. I didn’t want my mom to feel as if I should be the reason for her not to leave state. When she told me that she would only take my sister and my grandma broke me. She said “you are old enough to take care of yourself and your older sister has her own life too, I’m only taking Nayeli because she’s still a child. When I get too old to take care of Nayeli I will send her to you.”
Sitting there thinking of what she said filled me with mixed emotions. I understood why but I felt mad and sad but I was calm like it didn’t affect me. She told me that she would try to give my dad one last chance but if he didn’t change that she would save up and leave.
I sat there just thinking of why she was leaving. She was leaving because my dad is an abusive, irresponsible drunk who can’t control himself. The memory of him hitting my mom in the face and breaking her nose when I was five next to my sister who was 6 and not knowing how to help my mom. Yes he did hit her once and tried to help right after but that wasn 't right. My mom told me how she only stayed with him because of us. She didn’t want us to be broke if they separated.
I remembered how my father hit me in the face a...

... middle of paper ...

...ld I do?
If I leave to support my mother where would that leave my dad? Would he drink himself to death because we are gone? Or do I stay and just let my mom live her life of struggle knowing I could have supported her and stay to help my dad.
When my mom was done talking I didn’t say a word. I just sat there knowing everything wouldn 't be the same. The family would be torn apart if she left to California. I wouldn’t get to see Nayeli grow anymore.
I didn’t want to think about it anymore. I was sorry I didn’t really listen to her because I was numb, but she deserves to have a new life if she wants it. That is all that matters is that she is happy. She doesn’t need to stay for me or my father that doesn’t change. I will be happy for her and will financially support her if she needs it. Let’s see how this year goes and we will see if my father changes for the better.

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