A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers in Novel, First They Killed My Fathe by Loung Ung

A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers in Novel, First They Killed My Fathe by Loung Ung

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A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
In 1975, the Khmer Rouge had taken over Cambodia becoming the ruling political party and had overthrown the Lon Nol government. They wanted Cambodia to form an anti-modern agrarian society. This novel is of political oppression set in Cambodia. First They Killed My Father is an emotional and heart wrenching memoir told by the perspective of a child, Loung Ung. It is an moving story told about a families survival with vivid detail and is more breathtaking and extreme as it is told from five year old Loung. As the horror begins Loung suffered through many journeys during her young ages; the deaths of her parents and siblings, being evacuated from Phnom Penh, her hometown, the knowledge she now has of the regime, and the loss of economic status. This family was brought together by trying to survive and some managed to stay strong and survive while others were not. Loung explains her experiences and how her family supported eachother but she managed to be the only one to survive in the end. Each family member learns from these life experiences especially Loung. Each family member adopts several techniques to survive throughout including sacrifice, separation and secrecy. The most important technique that had the most effect was all the sacrifices each family member made in order to stay strong and survive.
Each and every single member of the Ung family did whatever they could to stay alive. They all watched over each other with true meaning. The rough times they have been through has made their relationships stronger with one another. Such sacrifices were mad from stealing food, maintaining relationships, keeping secrets, being separated, and taking care of one another. “Over the next few weeks, Kim...

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...led by the Khmer Rouge.
The Ung family had many risk taking sacrifices and tried their best to survive. All members made their own sacrifice for one another. They wanted to survive and do anything they could no matter what the consequences were. Stealing food so they did not starve, keeping secrets so they did not get killed, and separating so the whole family does not get killed. They simply wanted to just live. The sacrifices made were necessary and needed to survive. No one was selfish or put themselves before someone. They put themselves in dangerous situations. If they had not made any risks they would have died from starvation earlier. They were in an awful state. The conditions were horrible that they had to do anything to keep themselves alive. Every sacrifice meant everything and they were what kept them alive for as long as they could.

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