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A Dark Rainy Day Essay

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“After a dark rainy day, an array of colors is displayed throughout the now cleared sky that fills the hearts with delight and the pockets with cash.” This is an analogy coming from the story of Henrietta Lacks a poor farm woman that died of cervical cancer and whose cells transformed history in the biomedical field and ultimately save many lives. However, her contribution was rather unconsciously and therefore involuntary while being in the John Hopkins Hospital. The worst part of the story was the fact that after her contribution; her family was still living in poverty. Even though her cells have created epic sums of revenues for medical companies. Commonly known as the HeLa Cells, her cells were the first human cells that were able to stay alive and therefore allowed scientist to focus on medication development instead of keeping cells alive. Nevertheless, her story brings up the ongoing issue of being excluded from recognition or compensation for her contribution. Meaning the worst part of her story was the fact that after her contribution; her family was still living in poverty. With this in mind, it is only fair for the scientific community and businesses to associate any created cure, revenue earned, and awards to be credited to her name and family.
Henrietta should be recognized as a contributor on discoveries or development of medications or procedures that resulted from experimenting on her cell line. This idea is similar to finding a dollar in the street that someone else drop involuntarily. Correspondingly HaLa cells could be perceived even worst because her cells were technically stolen. Nonetheless, there is still many scientists that think what they did to Henrietta is not stealing. Examples are scientists like Da...

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...wo main awards based on research. The first one is the Nobel Prize for linking HPV as a cause of cancer. The second Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of Telomerase, a catalyst or enzyme that was found in every cancerous cells. All this awards were only feasible by Hela cell line that allow experimentation on living cells. Therefore, it is only fair for Henrietta Lack and family receive credit and are included in this awards.
Undoubtedly, there is absolutely no dispute that Henrietta Lacks and family contributed largely to discoveries in modern medicine. Thus any type of research that used Hela Cells must accredit her name. Awards won using Hela Cells must show her as a contributor. And most importantly, companies that created a wealth around Henrietta cells must pay monetary tribute to the Hacks Family. Let’s remember that Henrietta deserves a share of pie.

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