Essay on A Dance Style Known as the Crip- Walk

Essay on A Dance Style Known as the Crip- Walk

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The C-Walk

a. For our focus on this assignment, me and my group have chosen Dance Style. Under Dance Style, We’ve chosen to research about a style of dance known as the Crip Walk, or in other words, the C-Walk. Me and my group have chosen dance style as our focus because it has a lot a variation that me and my group are familiar with. Me and my group have some general knowledge behind the C-Walk, and because of it’s interesting history, we decided to choose that as our style of dance to research on.

b. The Crip Walk is under the genre of hip-hop, and is a dance that’s very intense, and is like a crossover of hip-hop and breakdancing. The dance consists of dance moves taken from different dances, and is basically just a collaboration packed with enthusiasm. Dancers wear really baggy clothes, like jeans and t-shirts when partaking in this dance

c. The C-Walk was first originated in the 1970s in Los Angeles, California by a gang known as the Crips, hence the name of the dance. The Crips were a violent gang, who had a rivalry against another gang that opposes them, known as the blood. The Bloods also have their own style of dance. The crips created this dance because they wanted to use it as a symbol of themselves, and they used it as a victory dance as a celebration for a kill. This dance has later in 1990s arose across the world as a hip-hop dance, and sparked the interest of hip-hop dancers. The dance is usually something done outdoors, or on the streets, and is very informal. There’s no correct order as to how the dance should be done. It just like breakdancing, where the moves and such are done in improv, or are made up on one’s own. Today, the dance is known as the “Clown Walk”, to take away from the thought that it...

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