Essay on A Customer Experience Management ( Cem )

Essay on A Customer Experience Management ( Cem )

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A customer experience management (CEM) study seeking to understand what business-to-business companies are doing in this field examined what seems to be driving the strongest business results. For example, some companies attributed CEM to their financial progress, such as 200 percent increase in market share over the past four years or 20 percent improvement in revenue over the past year. Some companies mentioned figures such as 15 percent reduction in churn and so forth. Among the companies with strong business results, there were some that also had at least 20 percentage points advantage in most of the other best practices in the study. Six practices had strong correlations.

To illustrate, when managers of various customer experience (CX) activities coordinate their work by reporting to a single department or to a committee or executive, or meeting quarterly or more often for coordination purposes, their companies are at least 20 percentage points more likely to collect voice of the customer from all influencers in the purchase decision, to capture front line employees ' observations, and to capture customer complaints. There were also many other best practices that correlated with this coordination of communication among managers of CX activities. This implies that a more holistic CEM effort, and hence, a greater degree of customer experience excellence, tends to accompany each of these six success factors.

Success Factor 1: Coordination Among Managers of CEM Methods

The first success factor is coordination among managers of customer experience methods.

An interesting example is TW Telecom. When the economic downturn occurred, TW Telecom was in the midst of acquiring about 20,000 small and medium business accounts and yet, ...

... middle of paper ...

...the wall so that they could connect to customers more personally, to other more sophisticated things. They kept a score card, which emphasized that the countries with the best success were the ones that were embracing cross-functional collaboration. Other parts of the company jumped on board and now they 're seeing upward trends globally.

In summary, the success factors for CEM include:

Coordinating CEM across the people who are in charge of the various activities for CX in the company.
Making CX a strong input to your corporate strategy and not an adjunct to it.
Presenting the results of your customer surveys to all employees.
Using customer lifetime value.
Expecting actions to be taken on the customer surveys by all employees, especially all the ones who are owners of the key drivers of CX.
Collaborating cross-functionally to improve CX.

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