A Culture With The God 's Grace Essay

A Culture With The God 's Grace Essay

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He says that mission is a kind of “cultural relativism,” because it tends to give culture with faith instead of “promoting” culture with the God’s grace. (133) That is why missionary did not want to acknowledge customs and culture in Japan to spread Christianity properly. Since there was no clear distinction between delivering the good news and Western culture, both went out together. This worked the same for Indian to take over the Hindu environment with Christianity. (141) People could not closely related to their own culture anymore after they became Christian because there was no deep connection and common space between effect of new faith and their own life and culture. This kind of negative side appeared to many third worlds by “Western cultural imperialism,” and mission was one of the front influences among others.
George Schmidt was one of leading people to adopt African language, Khoi-Khio, to God’s words through the “customs and tradition of the people” as he learned and lived like a learner of children in the local area. (195) However, he was not always possible to communicate with local people so he often got help from translators for better communication and understanding, which became one of great helper for both mission and local people. So his point was importance of “foreign agents” besides considering only about scriptural translation. As Sanneh says that among all possibilities to work hard to deliver the good new to the other local people, one of things to remember is that God opens divinely Africans, and Africans was willing to open to receive the gospel through the missionaries behind complexity of colonization, westernization, and translation of the scripture though local mother tongue and culture...

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...her than western cultures. This can be other concerns for evangelism in terms of translation of message to give more opportunity to other foreign people to know God. People should not overlook the other side of mission as possiblility of breaking down certain part of local culture, life, and spirit with new faith behind delivering the good news.
His point leads different meaning and way of the mission in terms of translating of message, which impact on the root of mission about how to approach the different countries with different distinct situation. This helps to concern unique situation of different countries and different background of different religion when we deliver the message of the good news. It is not all about how missionaries do but about the people who receive the gospel. We need to adopt our way of what we do to fit other people in their meaning.

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