A Culture Of Crime Is Rampant Essay

A Culture Of Crime Is Rampant Essay

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A culture of crime is rampant in the city and it is racially motivated for the most part. The uneducated citizens practice crime. Cultural resentments and murder are common. Gangs are a way of life. Racial territorial disputes are rampant. Teachers are in short supply. Administration wants teachers to set the bar very low. The district forced racial integration. The principle alludes to the white flight being a negative. The young teacher is very idealist and unrealistic. The teacher’s classroom lacked resources. From he first day students were very disrespectful and not interested in learning. The teacher was totally unprepared and the class was beyond control. The veteran teachers insist that the students will drop out soon. The kids don’t see any value because there is no value in classes. Students self segregate and think of their selves as tribes. The teacher totally cannot relate to the students. Students let gangs in the school for violence against other students. The School didn’t have enough security to make a difference. There exist a riot mentality at the school.
Her personal life starts to suffer with the disapprovement of her father. She tries to bring the lesson to the student’s interest. She thinks that moving the student’s seats will effectively accomplish her discipline goals. She then causes people to be uncomfortable. Everyday is chaos in this teacher’s classroom. There is no learning and the cultural issues eliminate any opportunity for learning. A racial shooting claims the wrong victim. The witness fingered the wrong culprit. She relate to them through shock and awe. Talking about the Nazis. She realizes that the students in the class have very poor educations to this point b...

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...sentially ends her marriage. She chooses her job over her personal life because of the fulfillment. One of the students in the class Andre gets disenchanted when his brother went to jail. He then decides to deal drugs. The students learn that they won’t have the class next year. The idea of the freedom writers starts to take hold. She is unhappy with her personal life. Her self-talk becomes negative. Her father becomes a supporter and encourages her to continue the burden. The local school bucks her and the super makes the decision to allow them to. She confronts Andre and does allow him to cop out. The teacher explains to them that the system will fail them if they use her as an excuse to fail. The students put their diaries into a book with donated computers called the freedom writers. She only taught 4 years before moving on to the university level.

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