Essay on A Cultural Perspective On Consumer Behavior

Essay on A Cultural Perspective On Consumer Behavior

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In addition to the individual level, religious identity (achieved identity) for understanding consumer behavior becoming more and more attention has been paid. It in relation to religious communities which is personal belongs. Currently, the vast majority of the world 's religions are held for consumption a critical attitude, born of greed in their opposition to consumption, waste, and self-indulgent hedonism (Ross, S A. 1991)Since the 21st century, in-depth development of economic globalization and multinational companies, not only provides to the worlds economy a huge boost, but also brought to the worlds economy many uncertainties. In response to these changing marketing environment, many scholars began to try from a cultural perspective to study how consumer behaviour is influenced by cross-cultural (David, Susan, 2001; Nittin, Sally, 2004; Bettina et al, 2005). However, due to the ambiguity and diversity of the concept of culture, it is difficult to distinguish what kind of culture in affecting consumer behavior, religious identity is just one part of culture. Engel (1976) thought that religious identity as an independent variable, Martin (2001) is recommended to choose religious identity as a cultural proxy, because the concept of culture should not be quantified, and religious identity has statistical characteristics of cross-country and is the backbone of culture. Currently, nearly 65 million people in the world, Christians are nearly 2.1 billion, accounting for 33% of the worlds population; nearly 1.5 billion Muslims, accounting for 21% of the worlds population; nearly 900 million by the Hindus, accounting for 14 of the worlds population; Chinese traditional Catholics (the beliefs of Taoist and Confucian) there are nearl...

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... consumer behaviour and developed relative sales strategy.

It appears clear that identities include groups and individuals, and individuals occupies a higher position than groups. Because of Maslows hierarchy of needs, individuals are more basic to understand consumer behaviour. Then, identity is important for public luxuries, less so for private necessities. Because luxury brands are highly associated with their core consumer, and identity can help to understand consumer. In addition to this, age identity is most important of hybrid identity that the most basic identity are most likely to be met. Furthermore, company appeals to sense of identity through marketing mix, likes decide price by class identity. Nevertheless, sometime there has no identity congruence that products not associated with identity, it is difficult to understand consumer behavior in this case.

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