A Crude Awakening to a Ceaseless Dependency in Oil Essay

A Crude Awakening to a Ceaseless Dependency in Oil Essay

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Crude oil: Seeps into the minds of investors whilst increasingly fueling the deadly dependency within them. Crude oil: Cheap in cost, yet costly in terms of wars fought, lives lost, and societal social and economic dislocations created. Crude oil: the penned “Black Gold” that we seek to posses. What once started out as a newly conventional commodity has now become a diminishing support system for all. It “creates the illusion of a completely changed life, life without work, life for free. It “is a resource that anaesthetizes thought, blurs vision, corrupts.” But with its addictive attributes and strategic leverages, it depicts the qualities of a Siren in an open sea. And we are the enthusiasts steering straight for reliance.
Crude oil began as a supplement, which we then used like a drug. The consumption of petroleum began as a minor substance that was used by Native Americans in magic and medicine, and in making paints. Petroleum could be seen bubbling to the surface through layers of rock and sand, where it would collect. Curious individuals would scoop it from streams or holes in the ground. Before the 1800s, people interested in finding oil, could hardly do more than look for oil seepages. In fact, a lot of luck was involved. As the appeal in oil search increased, so did the scientific methods for locating it. In 1859, the modern petroleum industry began and the oil age commenced when the American oil pioneer E. L. Drake drilled a producing well on Oil Creek in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Given the profusion and successful usage of crude oil, additional wells were drilled in the region. The crude oil was later produced into kerosene, which was then used to make kerosene lamps. These lamps soon replaced whale oil lamps and candl...

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Without doubt, today petroleum, in one form or another, is crucially instrumental in the economy, politics and technology, but as it began to become significantly important and desired across society, we abused it. We used and continue to use it in motive power, lubrication, fuel, dyes, drugs, and numerous synthetics, acutely the synthesis of plastics, fertilizers, solvents, adhesives, and pesticides. Now, we are paying the price. Crude oil continues to remain as a vital commodity in our daily lives, but its demand has dropped. Because underdeveloped countries are having a difficult time coping with the increasing prices, oil producers are now in trouble. Nations have resorted to other sources of fuel. Even if the oil prices were to drop, countries such as Mexico, Nigeria, and Venezuela would remain in debt because of the lack of cash flowing into their economy.

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