A Cross National Comparative Study Of India, China, And The United States

A Cross National Comparative Study Of India, China, And The United States

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Understanding the IMRaD Format
There are many ways to format a paper. Picking a format depends on the topic that is being discussed and what type of audience it is intended for. One way of formatting is by utilizing the IMRaD format. This stands for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. IMRad format is set up in a very structured way to view results of scientific research. The goal is to understand the hypothesis, account for all methods used in compiling the data, view the results, and see if the hypothesis has proven to be true in the discussion, or if it gives cause for further research.
In the introduction there should be an understanding of why the study is being done. This can be seen in the journal article Identity Distress During the Era of Globalization: “A Cross-National Comparative Study of India, China, and the United States”. A clear hypothesis is presented stating:
It was hypothesized that globalization would impact the process of identity formation of youths from traditionally collectivistic countries such that more identity stress would be present in areas with the greatest disparity between global culture (Berry, 1997). It was hypothesized that identity distress would be higher in more collectivistic cultures (i.e. China and India) that in individualistic cultures (i.e., the United States). (289)
The author has completed the introduction by raising a valid question. Is identity distress seen more with people of western or eastern culture?
Once the question is formed methods start to be presented. A complete lay out of who was studied, procedures used, and all pertinent qualitative information will be given. Basically, an informative section on how researchers obtained data. All of this ...

... middle of paper ...

...rmat will have an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section. All of these sections are imperative to an article written in this manor. If each section is not documented in its entirety, it will be difficult for the reader to get the full understanding of why the research was initially done and what the outcome was. On a final note, not all IMRaD formatted articles are for the every day reader. They are specifically designed to be understood by an audience that is familiar with the topic being addressed.

Works Cited
Berman, Steven L., Kaylin Ratner, Min Cheng, Shengnan Li, Garima Jhimgon & Niyatee
Sukumaran. Identity Distress During the Era of Globalization: A Cross-National Comparative Study of India, China, and the United States. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research. 14:4. London: Mortimer House, 2014. 286-296. Print.

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