A Cross Cultural Study Of Students ' Behaviors And Classroom Management Strategies

A Cross Cultural Study Of Students ' Behaviors And Classroom Management Strategies

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1. The fifth research study that I analyzed was A Cross-Cultural Study of Students’ Behaviors and Classroom Management Strategies in the USA and Korea by Sunwoo Shin and Myung-sook Koh. The article was published in the Journal of the International Association of Special Education in 2008. I found the study through a search on ERIC (Educational Reform Information Center) by using the search terms ‘Classroom discipline’ and ‘United States’.
The reason that I chose this study is because it included classroom management strategies for the United States as well as a foreign country. This is applicable to my own classroom since I usually have an ESOL student among ones native to the United States. The article also offers insight to how culture plays a role in the classroom management strategies between the two countries.

1. “Many educators have admitted that the student discipline plan is the most complicated and challenging task for them.” (Kerr & Nelson, 1998, as cited in Shin & Koh, 2008, Pg. 14) Although teachers implement many different student behavior strategies, “many teachers continue to search for more effective and suitable classroom behavior management practices.” (Shin & Koh, 2008, Pg. 13) Developed in the 1960s – 1970s and what many teachers today are conventional behavior management strategies. With these, “strategies are reactive, consequence-based, and short term focused…to stop the future occurrences of a problem behavior.” (Bambara and Kern (2005) as cited in Shin & Koh, 2008, Pg. 13)
In classrooms, it is not uncommon to have the misbehavior of one student or a small group of students to negatively influence other students. (Smith & Rivera, 2005, as cited in Shin & Koh, 2008, Pg. 14) The downside to this...

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...e and survey.

8. Ethical issues addressed in the study were the relations of classroom discipline between the United States and Korea. Although the study included many participants, they were from a specific place and did not include much variety in regards to race. Since data was reported from the teacher for the questionnaire and survey, the researcher has to trust the information provided to draw conclusions.

9. A question that I might ask the researcher about this study is if they think that the results would change if they used students in rural areas instead of urban ones. Often, there is a difference in student behavior based on the area where students are from and the quality of schools. I would be interested in knowing if moving to rural areas in Korea and a different area in the United States would change the results of the questionnaires and surveys.

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