A Critique of An Adolescent Vampire Cult in Rural America: Clinical Issues and Case Study

A Critique of An Adolescent Vampire Cult in Rural America: Clinical Issues and Case Study

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The Vampire Cult article discussed some new and unusual issues facing our youth as well as the clinicians that attempt to help them. This article answers several why questions about the appeal of cults and who is drawn to them.
The introduction discussed how murders of animals and human were causing the mental health community to take a deep look into the rise of vampire cults. These professionals believe that this morbid interest in vampirism has grown from myths, games especially the online variety as well as the game Dungeons and Dragons. I disagree with the connection being made to D and D; this game was very popular during my youth. Comparing D and D to online gaming in the vampire realm is like comparing apples and oranges; yes they are both fruit, but that’s about it. D and D was more role-playing and completing journeys; whereas, vampire gaming is all about killing. Whether you are the victim or the culprit blood will be spills and lots of it. Vampires have been made heroes by the media, from The Count on Sesame Street to the misunderstood, sensuous Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novels.
I found the “Cults and Their Attraction” section to be very interesting. Deutach and Miller described the female cult members as having difficulties with boys, wanting to serve, wanting to feel connected, and being spiritual rather than strictly religious. The cult leaders are described as having certain characteristics such as “grandiosity, egocentricity, manipulativeness, dominance, shallow affect, poor interpersonal bonding, and lack of empathy, anxiety, and guilt. These girls are drawn into these groups by their overwhelming need to connect on basic human levels.
The research describes cult membership as losing yourself to the c...

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... system throughout their childhood due to dysfunctional family life. I would like to be able to learn if their childhood events led them to be cult members, prostitutes, murders, or law abiding citizens. I would then use this data to advocate changes in parental rights and child neglect.
I think this was a fascinating study and would be very interested in seeing a study done currently. Vampires are the hot, current, Hollywood tend for teens as well as adults. The Twilight movies are aimed at teens, depicting young love between a human and a vampire as well as the werewolf who loves the human. True Blood is an HBO drama giving adult an upscale, sexual version of the love lives of vampires, werewolves, witches and humans. I can only imagine the amount of vampire cults that are springing up all around us. This is a topic that could and should be researched more.

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