Essay A Critical Thinking On The Education System

Essay A Critical Thinking On The Education System

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Critical Thinking
Now that I have explored the education system itself, I will analyze how issues such as race are addressed in Finland. Although Finland may seem like this perfect and equal society with the values they try to implement, there is still a lot of issues regarding race which take place. Although any form of bullying is now seen as unacceptable in North American countries, according to an article by, the author demonstrates that many teachers do not know how to deal with bullying. They are either oblivious to racist remarks or deliberately choose to ignore them. Some teachers would also tell students that they were being too sensitive and were taking the issue too seriously when they reported being insulted regarding their race. This leaves children who are not born to both Finnish parents, or children from another country to live in Finland targeted without having anyone to help them. The author used interviews to collect her data and one mother mentioned how the teachers do not understand at all and that many remain passive. (Rastas, 2009). Rastas mentions that some of the themes that were discussed during the interview was “their ideas of belonging to Finland on the one hand and to the other country/nation/culture on the other hand” (Rastas, 2009, p. 33). They are usually targeted by skinheads for not being Finnish enough – meaning being someone who is either mixed or not born to Finnish parents. One particular interviewee mentioned that young children in daycare could be just as cruel in pointing out differences. Public violence can occur as well which is why some people who are not Finnish actually have to avoid some public places to avoid being harasses. The previous passage by Rastas can be connected to the di...

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...Throughout this research paper, I have focused on trying to answer my question of how the Finnish education system was able to change using a historical and economic perspective. I was able to explore various methods and techniques that Finnish teachers seem to reinforce and some of the qualities that are valued in this system. I also discussed a particular issues that are still prevalent in the Finnish system which is racism. I have used the works of Ayers, Carey, Klein and Sefa-Dei to demonstrate the connection between the authors we discussed in class could still be used in this research paper. To end this paper I will use a quote by Ayers which describes how the Finnish try to teacher their students; “[e]ducation asks ‘Why?’—which is beyond ‘What?’ or ‘How?” (Ayers, 1994, p. 63). This would be what many Finnish teachers would try to address in their classrooms.

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