A Critical Role On Information Processing, Judgment, And Decision Making

A Critical Role On Information Processing, Judgment, And Decision Making

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The affective components, such as emotion and mood, play a critical role on information processing, judgment, and decision-making. Tiedens and Linton (2001) found that emotions associated with appraisals of certainty were more likely to engage in heuristic processing, whereas emotions associated with appraisals of uncertainty were associated with systematic processing. Moreover, Baas, de Dreu, and Nijstad (2012) extended previous study and found that certainty appraisals were associated with less structured thinking, whereas uncertainty appraisals were associated with more structured thinking. However, Moons and Mackie (2007) refuted previous assumption and suggested that certainty-associated emotions can enhance thinking and promote analytic information processing. Taken together, these studies all examined the relationship between emotion and information processing; however, emotions of the same intensity, valence, and arousal level can foster different information processing due to individual and situational differences.
Tiedens and Linton (2001) found that incidental emotions related with certainty appraisals including anger and happiness tend to produce more certain feeling in subsequent situations and therefore were more likely to engage in heuristic processing, stereotyping, pay less attention to argument quality, and rely more on expertise of the source (Tiedens & Linton, 2001). On the other hand, emotions related with uncertainty appraisals including fear and sadness tend to produce more uncertain feeling in subsequent situations and therefore more likely to engage in systematic processing (Tiedens & Linton, 2001). However, there were several limitations that affect the strength of the study. First, although neutral cond...

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...s the most convincing and believable article. Although valence and arousal level are not perfectly controlled, the result inline with Tiedens and Linton (2001)’s previous assumption, which is a useful piece of evidence. Furthermore, Baas et al., (2012) extended from Tiedens and Linton (2001)’s study, they are not only evaluate the broad topic of information processing but also focus more on specific type of processing, such as structured thinking. Baas et al., (2012)’s findings can be further applied to future study on emotion control and pathological problem. However, future research should also examine how cultural and sex differences can play a critical role in influencing the relationship between emotion and information processing. Therefore, it is worth to examine the possibility since individuals can differ in processing style due to all the external variables.

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