Essay on A Critical Review of Animal Farm

Essay on A Critical Review of Animal Farm

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A Critical Review of Animal Farm
Once again, George Orwell shows his literary genius in writing. Through a brilliantly designed plot, the evidence for the horrors of totalitarianism, communism, and revolution have been shown. Throughout history, these types of events have destroyed societies, and George Orwell uses his strength in satire to show this. In someways, he even pokes fun at the communist regimes around the world by symbolizing them as animals. Truly, this book is not only serious in its message and theme, but it also gives a very entertaining story at the same time. Any astute reader will see why this book alone was able to propel Orwell into a life of prosperity and wealth (“Animal”). George Orwell ingeniously shows the destructive capabilities of a totalitarian regime in his satirical book, Animal Farm.
Born on the 25th of June, 1903, in Motihari of the Bengal province of India, George Orwell is one of the most famous British authors of the twentieth century. His original profession was as a police officer in the country of Burma, but he eventually moved to Europe. For several years, he lived close to poverty (“Orwell”). Eventually, Orwell began to write. By 1935, he was living off of his written works, but then he decided to travel to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil War. What he saw during this war influenced many of his writings, giving them quite a political slant (“Orwell”). After fighting in the war for part of the year, he returned to England and was married in 1936, resuming his profession. His writing career was mainly of writing essays for newspapers and magazines on various political issues (Merriman). Orwell did write two much acclaimed books during his career as an author, and these are 1984 and A...

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...emselves are symbols of the tyrants and the common citizens that existed in these events in history. Not only was Animal Farm an accomplishment for the world, it was an accomplishment of his goal to show the world the terrors of totalitarianism. “What he most wanted to do was make political writing into an art” (Merriman). Animal Farm does this perfectly.

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