Essay A Critical Evaluation Of The Research

Essay A Critical Evaluation Of The Research

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Overview: This section describes a critical evaluation of the research or the lesson that has learned from the research. It is consists about the limitation of the research; proposed improvement in the research methodology; lesson learned and the summary of the reflection.

9.1. Research Limitation
This research has limitations in regards of the results that has generated because of the limited resources, limited time frame and/or limited variables or parameters that are used in the experiment. Those limitations as follow:
• The dataset is limited with respect of choice of data structure complexity (for example the table structure) and the data size. Therefore a caution had provided when interpreting the results.
• This research conducted using a modest specification machine. It is expected that the results would not 100% reflect the real world condition because high specification machine is used in the reality. In other words, the results reliable for the similar specification of machine.
• The variables constraint: variables constraint had an important role in the quality of the experiment and the depth of the research. Some variables that might affect the results had eliminated in this research, such as a hardware upgrading as part of performance tuning. It is predicted that by using more variables, it would generate different results.
• The time frame constraint: the limited time frame affects the analysis of the results. It is expected a deeper analysis would be provided if the research conducted in a longer time frame.

9.2. Proposed Improvement in Methodology
This research used an experimental technique in an artificial testing environment with limited variables that were based on the availability of the resources, time fra...

... middle of paper ...

...set. In the research perspective, I have earned more knowledge and have learned about how to conduct an academic research. It was derived from gather the information that is relevant to the research topic; supported with the results from the experiment, a discussion and a theory from existing sources along with the evidence, in a structured form that could be assessed. According to the evaluation of the process, I learned that it is important to have a detail project plan and a risk management analysis in the beginning of the project to mitigate the unexpected cases. In this particular research, the unexpected cases are as follow:
1. The assignment from other module that unexpectedly requires plenty of time.
2. The poor Internet connection when the experiment had to be conducted.
3. The incapability of the machine that unpredictably encountered during the experiment.

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