A Critical Commentary On Water Crisis Essay

A Critical Commentary On Water Crisis Essay

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In recent days, water crisis has been regarded as one of the catastrophic environmental issues beside pollution and biodiversity loss since the water itself is truly important for sustaining all beings living on the planet. When people overestimate the power of the knowledge of science by which they think all of problems can be solved, they overlook to analyze why and where are the problems coming out. In the other words, we can totally address the environmental issues only if we had found out the main source from where they are originated. In this critical commentary, I will seek out the main tumor rooted in the water crisis based on the analyzing two selected articles, which are “Chapter 3 Water and Water Peace from Making Peace with the Earth” (Vandana, 2012) and “Women, Diverse Identities and Indigenous Water and Wastewater responsibilities from Canadian Woman studies, Water issue, Vol. 30” (Jo-Anne, et al, 2013) respectively. However, both of them are articulating the reason why the water body has been undermined in terms of its inferior role played in the current capitalism system and overlook of indigenous knowledge. Currently, one interdisciplinary idea combining the ecologism and feminism, which is called eco-feminism, is of importance in solving the water issue. However, both two articles are also presenting the intimate relationship between the natural resource of water and women in the society.
However, the main arguments Vandana (2012) pointed out in the first article about the water is that corporate globalization has undermined the natural cycling pattern in which water characteristic of the natural spirit is not used for basic survival for living beings but for economic profits acquired by human. As the role tha...

... middle of paper ...

... same characteristic of nurturing as the water has. In the other words, women give the birth and essential nutrient to their baby in the same way in which the water gives human basic support for living. As Jo-Anne, et al (2013) pointed out, “Women in this field bring to it a sense of humanity and a connection with other women who have a vested interest in the water, whether as people traditionally responsible for its well being, or as people who are trying to bring it back in balance”. Therefore, coordinating indigenous knowledge respecting water with current science is of importance for solving the water problems.
To sum up, based on what I have been discussed above, these two articles both show the way in which the water issue can be addressed in terms of treating the water as a public spiritual entity and cooperating the indigenous knowledge with current science.

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