A Critical Analysis On The Show Archer Essay

A Critical Analysis On The Show Archer Essay

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Unable to find any two songs specific enough to compare I have decided to do a critical analysis essay on the show Archer, having just watched this show I was very interested in their writing, dialogue and underlying themes. They attack racism, sexism, women’s liberties, political discourse, and xenophobia in a refreshing way that can be mistaken by some as offensive and blunt. Especially in today’s society with the advancing in standards in political correctness, satirical shows such as Archer consistently toe the line and at times cross it and when these shows cross the line there is more often than not some form of outcry. However most of the intentions for most of these shows is comedy not aggression and with comedy often comes a platform to bring a progressive and accepting idea when the audience is essentially in a good mood.
I will be discussing both sides of the argument for the show’s dialogue and material, asking the question of the true effect on the subject matter. Whether what first appears as an offensive joke is actually misunderstood or whether an innocent statement made in comedic passing is really the most damaging statement in the episode. I feel this topic does need to be discussed because it can help people to understand the true purpose and help to clear up confusion that comes alongside the discourse that occurs. A better educated and understanding society helps to create a deeper sense of harmony in more aspects of life.
Throughout Archer the protagonist, Sterling Archer, exhibits arrogance, entitlement and apathy to the struggles of those around him. Sterling Archer lives a lackadaisical lifestyle where everything is given to him and no matter what “It works out in the end.” However, throughout the show ...

... middle of paper ...

...y’s society would be considered to be infinitely disrespectful due to the amount of lives killed by these people, and yet many would probably fail to understand the erasure of the terrorist dynamic that Archer could set in place. Archer maintaining ISIS as incompetent group would normalize and debase the title of ISIS, and since the majority mission of terrorism is to terrorize. The trivialization of one’s title and status could pose problems for an organization such as this.
Satire is a weapon that writer’s needs to utilize to, if anything, appease the public’s unrest. Archer’s satire is a very necessary technique and is used extremely well for the most part, yet it is all too often misunderstood and misinterpreted. As a society we need to look to satire as a device that can make volatile subjects such as religion an politics more accessible and easily understood.

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