A Course For A Fully Online Asynchronous Certificate Course Essay

A Course For A Fully Online Asynchronous Certificate Course Essay

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For this week assignment I choose scenario #3B to develop an orientation course for a fully online asynchronous certificate course. The reason why I selected this scenario is because it relates to my own education path and my experience with Walden University certificate program.
Scenario #3B: An online, fully asynchronous certification course. Trainees will be expected to regularly view and tangibly interact with multimedia presentations. Additionally, they will need to download and read several guides and manuals. The trainees will also be expected to regularly participate in an asynchronous question and answer forum. To help build confidence and competence, each trainee will complete an online assessment each week during the course.
The orientation will prepared student with the knowledge and resources they would need in order to effectively participate in, and successfully complete the project management certification course. Trainees will explore interactive media presentations and will be expected to complete weekly online assessments. Students will regularly participate in an asynchronous discussion forum through an LMS or through a web tools such as blog or wiki.
The orientation will cover topics such as technology tools that would be used in their certificate course and how to be successful in an online environment. Each section of the orientation will have content, resources, objectives, assignments and assessments. The learner would be engaged, as much as possible and the instructor would be satisfied with the student learning outcome.
Determining which technology tools to include in a fully online course is important to the design and success of the course. My vision for this orientation will be ...

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...re equivalent will be the outcomes for the learning activity.” It is good to point out that equivalency does not mean equal. “Learning experiences are not identical, but various learning experiences can be considered equivalent if they produce the equivalent learning” (Simonson, 2015).
In conclusion, the orientation course will allow the students to interact and develop a better understanding of the material that will be used within the course. Upon completion of the orientation, trainees will be able to navigate, participate and successfully complete the Special Project Management Certification course. The orientation will cover topics which will support their success in completing the distance learning certificate course. A readiness Assessment incorporated in the orientation will assess and identify their strengths and areas of improvement as a distance learner.

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