Essay on A Counselor At Camp Wiggens

Essay on A Counselor At Camp Wiggens

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This book is about a camp counselor named Ron Jones that got wanted to be a counselor at Camp Wiggens because it paid good money and it would be fun to swim, hike, and run around with kids all day. When he got to the camp and the kids started to come in and they were getting picked up and put in wheelchairs Ron did not know what to do as he stood there with all the other counselors with their mouths wide opened. They did not except to be taking care of people with disabilities. They only had a one day orientation about children in wheelchairs so they were in shock when they see most of the kids in wheelchairs. There were two counselors to every five kids. Ron and the other counselor Dominic Cavelli a tall Italian boy that wants a career working with handicapped children so he enjoyed working with these kids. Ron and Dom five kids they took care of are Benny B he has polio and has to be in a wheelchair all the time, Spider he has no arms or legs and loves to talk, Martin he is blind and is always smiling, Thomas Stewart he has muscular sclerosis and has to be in a wheelchair all the time, and Aaron “Arid” born without a bladder so he must wear urine bag and separates himself from the other kids. It is very hard for Dominic and Ron to adjust to these things. Day one when it was time to eat Ron and Dominic sat down and started eating as they looked up they noticed that some of the kids were not eating because they needed help. When they went to bed and woke up in the morning they woke up to the room smelling like urine and one killed rolled over on the urine bag it broke so Dominic and Ron had to start cleaning the room and taking the kids to the bathroom. This was so hard on Ron he wanted to go home he did not except any of this and...

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...ot mad because they did not follow the schedule, in the end all the kids had fun. When reading the book you can tell it was written a long time ago because they were explaining the camp and it said it was not handicap accessible and today everything has to be handicap accessible. Which really is not fair for the kids in this book because if they are in a wheelchair they need someone to pick them up and even in the bathroom they said there were no grip handles so the counselors had to balance the kids on the toilet. I am so glad that today it is so different than how it was back then with how people with disabilities got treated. The park I work at has a special recreation program I do not work with them but by seeing them every day they honestly make my day ten times better. They are so sweet, kind, respectful, and some of them have such bigger hearts it is awesome.

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