A Costly “Free Market”: Forever Climbing Debt Essay

A Costly “Free Market”: Forever Climbing Debt Essay

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“Hitherto, every form of society has been based on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes.” Karl Marx. The irony around the term “free market” is blatant but constantly overlooked. As inflation grows to dangerous sizes, our currency system is inevitably bound to devalue the dollar steadily until its abolishment and replacement. “Modern Money Mechanics” is an eventually failing process of loans, debt and intrest that will never balance, only worsen and decay. The most recent turning point into this economic slavery, the real estate bubble, bursted due too numerous small variables that are simply fragments of a larger equation. The monopolizing of our monetary system by the FED has thrown us uncontrollably into a downward debt spiral, a maelstrom of worthless paper.
“I do not like money, money is the reason we fight.” Karl Marx. A “free market” economy is based on competition; it is the essence that keeps the momentum of the exchange process. Capitalism allows for a variety of employment options, but the class system still exists, middle and lower class individuals struggle to support themselves and their families because of this wild goose paper chase. The overwhelming desire for money may manifest dangerous ambitions within those at the bottom and the top, people will kill, steal or even enslave to gain more of that precious paper. This struggle is correlated with the idea of competition, but considering all forms of natural competition, there always must be an entity atop the pyramid. The pinnacle of the monetary obelisk is vacated by the most affluent and selfish megalomaniacs our society has concieved, these individuals are those that control the flow of money, therefore the instigation of inflation, a...

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...tion and structural problem is, those that research stumble across the debt system and the moronic fashion that money is created in this country. The fall of the FED will be a difficult and adverse path; even the blind eyes of justice could easily see the corrupt and grievous agenda the pharoes of our legal tender have fashioned. The arrogance of the Seeing Eye is that ironically everyone can see it as well if they search for it; hopefully the sanctuary of these full bellied beurocrats will soon collapse under the inquirey of the population and the hammer of justice. If not our enslavement and debt will only continue until our rights are based soley around credit, the worth of the individual will decrease in contrast to the debt and inflation increase. In the words of the foresighted Karl Marx “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.”

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