Essay on A Coordinator Of Retention And Student Success Services

Essay on A Coordinator Of Retention And Student Success Services

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A coordinator of Retention and Student Success Services. She has been into several colleges for several degrees her name is Mrs. Jacqueline Strapp. Mrs. Strapp, who was one of my former teachers in a class called College Experience, which she teaches new college students on how to be successful in college. Mrs. Strapp has attended many colleges and has obtained several degrees, such as North Park University for Business Advertising, DePaul University for Masters in counseling lastly at Elmhurst College for her degree in Student Success.
Throughout this interview, my goal was to get much helpful information on how she managed to be very successful in her education. I interviewed Mrs. Strapp in her office, which was pretty small. And I could tell that she was an excellent student by her collection of many awards that she has earned. She had a lot of certifications, plaque, and small trophies. I was waiting in her office for a couple of minutes, and then she arrives with a huge smile on her face. She was all dressed up very professionally with a nice gold bracelet. I rose up and greeted her with a firm handshake. She began to have a small conversation about how I was doing in my classes and if I needed help in my personal life that she is always there for me. But, then after we finished the conversation I began to interview her.
The first question that I mention to her was how she felt on her very first day of college. There was a long pause and she leans forward on her desk and began explaining that she was overwhelmed by the many things she had to take care, such as working in a job and same time taking responsibility for her education. Meantime, as she was discussing how overwhelmed she was in college, she stated that h...

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...from the North Park University. And she would have love to join in many school clubs, but unfortunately, she didn’t have the time of joining any club of lack in time in her education work. Finally, it was the end of the interview. I thanked her for giving up her time to interview her. Throughout the interview, I have learned many things of Mrs. Jacqueline Strapp that I have never known about her. I never knew that she had a terrible semester and almost got dismissed from North Park University. But as a person who was struggling in college and to a person now who is a coordinator or Retention and Student Success Student Service. Mrs. Jacqueline Strapp has demonstrated me that she had the success on what she is now, to help new college student to be successful. Mrs. Jacqueline had a very dominant impression of a lot of energy of moving forward toward her success.

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