A Cooperative Learning Activity That Place Students Essay

A Cooperative Learning Activity That Place Students Essay

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A history lesson may have a cooperative learning activity that place students in groups with specific jobs and expects them to use a map that provides a key with detailed information to help students find a particular place. The teacher might help guide them and oversee their work, but the tools that they are provided, the collaborative group work that they participate in, and the skills that they bring to the lesson are what will help them find their answers. This is the same way that I approach my school’s organization. My school is the lesson being taught, the staff the works together collaboratively are the students, the faith we share and the gospel values we have are the map key we use to find answers. Like the teacher, I am at the helm, but I am not controlling the actions of all, I am simply guiding them, only stepping in when needed. At my school, we are an organization or groups of people working in harmony and knowing what each individual’s role is in the organization (Owens, 2015, p. 98). In my organization we set forth on a “mission” to help all in our Catholic school to “ foster the learning, personal growth and development of all”(p.1), while recognizing everyone’s unique gifts from God. This mission can be seen through the organizational structure, faith community, school climate and even the culture of my school and all lead to our school’s effectiveness (Sergiovanni, 2015, p.145).
In the role of organizational leader in a Catholic school, I strive to have a systematized approach and clear expectations for all in my faith community. My organization beliefs stem from my moral leadership where it is about the school and not just me, my leadership is “not a right but a responsibly” (Sergiovanni, 2015, p.7). I p...

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...a Catholic school, I always look to the human capital within my school and know that their “ knowledge, technical skills, attitudes, and social skills are also assets” (p. 165). It is essential that my community is included in the decisions made, the faith being taught as well as our Catholic beliefs. I strive for a positive organizational culture in my school where I clearly understand and make use of “ The human resources available to an organization are therefore a form of human capital” (p.165). That human capital includes all of the stakeholders in my school and together we contribute to the good working relationships among all in the community which is essential to the organization itself and is developed through that mutual respect, positivity, and effective communication that contributes to the foundational success of the students in our Catholic school.

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