Essay on A Conversation With A Friend Who Was Upset

Essay on A Conversation With A Friend Who Was Upset

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The other day I was on the phone with a friend who was upset. He had made an appointment to have his oven fixed, but the repair man apparently didn 't have the parts he needed, so my friend blew up at him and his boss, and spent the next few days in a pit of misery. While we were talking and he was explaining what had happened, the phone connection gave out on his end. I honestly believe his negative energy affected the phone conversation - that was how angry he was. He couldn 't hear me, and after a few attempts to say hello he got really angry with me. I could hear everything he was saying, and for a moment, it rocked my world.

Before I had started talking to him, I was feeling amazing! I had eaten a great supper and had some great conversation, and I felt like I wanted to connect to more loved ones and have that kind of experience with them too. But, this wasn 't quite going that way. He hung up the phone in anger and I debated calling him back. I did, but he continued on with this rant and anger and kept me in a place of inner turmoil as I listened, until I remembered that I had a right to experience inner peace, and he was not going to take away that right.

Not too long ago, that thought would have never occurred to me. I would have thought about this conversation and how upset it made me. I would have complained, felt anger, felt hurt, and even felt sick. It would have taken hours, if not days, to get over the pity party I had made for myself and get back to a place of normalcy. But, because I knew I had the right to inner peace, I felt better within a few minutes.

If you are experiencing inner turmoil because of something that happened, something you did, or something someone else did, then you 've come to the right p...

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The way you react in life will determine how peaceful you feel. Keep your self-esteem high, be proud of who you are, and react with light and grace to whatever comes your way.

5. Forgive Those Who Have Done You Wrong

"Praying for the people that hurt you may not change them, but it will change you." - Shannon L. Alder

Forgiveness is not about other people. Forgiveness is about letting go of the anger or hurt you feel so that you can find some inner peace. When you are living your life focused on past events, you can 't get to a place of stillness and peace.

The thing to realize is that other people may not give a rat 's ass about your forgiveness. They may continue being who they are and acting the way they want to act, but you have no control over them. If you want to feel better in life, then forgive them and move on in a way that makes you feel good.

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