Essay about A Contemplative Look into Cuban Migration to the United States

Essay about A Contemplative Look into Cuban Migration to the United States

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A Contemplative look into Cuban Migration to the United States
"And we have to get separate because of the system, the new system ... I was so happy. I was born in a fishing town. The ocean was very close; I like to swim, play like every boy...Just the system changed, and everything changed you know, in my life, and the life of all my family and the many families in Cuba ..." (Edsall, Riviera & Cooper, 2009). Victor, a Cuban immigrant, explains what life was like for him before immigrating to Amercia in an interview done by Edsall, Riviera & Cooper to explore the concept of home and belonging for immigrants. Victor remembers what Cuba was like prior to Vidal Castro’s revolution. Victor told how he was prohibited from pursuing his passion for art. He was refrained from practicing his Catholic beliefs. Because of his religion, victor was sent to a labor camp and worked in the sugar cane fields. Victor explained how it was painful for him to leave his family members behind in Cuba. America is nation of immigrants, for centuries America has had waves of immigration from around the world and this has created one of if not the most diverse society on Earth. The American-Cuban immigrant is unique and rich with history.
Cuba is a county in the Caribbean with a population of over eleven million people. The history of Cuba of has multiethnic and diverse ties, which pulls customs and traditions from aboriginal Taíno and Ciboney tribes, Spanish colonialism, African slaves, and Soviet Union. The most common language is Cuban-Spanish. Up until January 1, 1959, Cuba was a diplomatic country, but rebel forces entered the capital city of Havana and this began Fidel Castro's reign of power. After Castro's legalization of the Comm...

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