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A Conflict Between Cousins Essay

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No conflict has ever been quite as explosive or enduring as that between the Israelis and the Palestinians. With hundreds of years of alternating Israeli and Palestinian power within Palestine, the two cousins reach a conflict in the twentieth century. To whom does the land of Palestine truly belong to? This question has lead to years of bloodshed and terrorism. Solving an issue as complicated and intricate as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires an in-depth knowledge of the history of both sides. In my opinion, the best resolution to solve the conflict is to solve by the means of a peaceful, two state solution. Developing this solution can be described more easily if the conflict is broken down into solvable pieces.
Although both the Israelites and the Palestinians claim their right to the land, deciding who legitimately owns the disputed territory has to be seen from both sides of the story. Conflict between land ownership can be seen as far back as the late 19th century. During this time period the Palestinians were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and claimed that they were a part of Arab territory under Ottoman rule, including modern day Palestine. Unfortunately, the Jewish people also had their eye on Palestine. With the help of Austrian born Jewish journalist, Theodor Herzl, the Jewish people began to develop Zionism, or “modern Jewish nationalism, also an idea of an eventual return to the Holy Land” (Virmani, 2010). The Zionist movement received large amounts of political and monetary support during this time period and general principles for the creation of a Jewish state were slowly being developed. To the disadvantage of the Zionist movement the British issued the McMahon Pledge in 1914. The pledge stated th...

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