A Comprehensive Analysis of the Rwandan Genocide to the Holocaust Essay

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Rwandan Genocide to the Holocaust Essay

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Beginning on April 6, 1994, Hutus began a mass slaughtering of the Tutsis in the African country of Rwanda. This mass slaughtering is labeled as genocide, the deliberate obliteration of an ethnic, racial, religious, or political group. The Rwandan genocide lasted 100 days while other countries stood idly by and watched the brutal killings continue. The hatred against the Tutsis began after the RPF invasion in October of 1990. Accusations from editorials and radio broadcasts claimed Tutsis wanted to establish a monarchy with Hutu slaves; other racial libel included all the Tutsis being called cockroaches.
Many years prior to the Rwandan genocide, a similar deliberate extinction occurred. Between 1933 and 1945, members of the Nazi party killed over six million Jews in what is know now as the Holocaust. The genocide started when the Treaty of Versailles caused Germany to pay massive monetary compensations to the other nations. As stated by Sean Sheehan in Why Did the Holocaust Happen? (2011), “Some anti-Semitics saw the harsh terms of the treaty as part of a Jewish conspiracy against the German people. Wealthy Jews in Germany were accused of investing their money in enemy countries instead of joining the German army” (p. 7). Jews were soon accused of plotting world domination and spreading communism to destroy Christian culture. The hatred of the Jewish culture grew when several Jews held government positions in the Weimar era.
The Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide did display some similarities when occurring. Both portrayed certain characteristics and conditions for the genocide to occur: a national culture that did not place a high value of human life; a totalitarian society with superior ideology; ...

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...onditions needed to for them to occur. With history to fall back on, it is not clear whether another act of genocide could occur today. The Holocaust showed how international forces can and should intervene in scenarios of this nature; however, international forces stood idly by during the Rwandan genocide. History is very contradicting, and no one can predict the outcomes which lie ahead. One can only hope people stand up for what is right and intervene.

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