A Complex Behaviour Change: Failing to Address the Habit Behind the Behaviour.

A Complex Behaviour Change: Failing to Address the Habit Behind the Behaviour.

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I found through self-exploration that out of the seven Dimensions of Wellness my emotional wellness was the area that seemed to be the unhealthiest. I realized that I was a very stressed person and that it affected me in almost all areas of my life. I was able to ascertain that my stress was a direct result of ignoring my own limitations on work load therefore taking on far more than I could handle in the amount of time I had to use. I attempted to decrease my stress through acknowledging my time constraints and taking on projects that would fit easily within my schedule. Through decreasing my workload I expected my relationship with friends and family to become healthier and less strained; as well, I foresaw that I would be happier, less exhausted, and less prone to sickness from being rundown.
After a self-evaluation at the end of this attempt at taking on less of a workload I’ve concluded that my success has been minimal at best. I do believe the goal is a realistic one, however I found that even after my attempts, my stress levels seem to be at the same level and that my workload is also the same or higher. As well, after speaking with both friends and family whom I was using as a barometer for my success, they are of the consensus that my overall outward appearance of happiness and less stress has not changed.
While I understood that continuing to add to my workload with produce greater stress, it seemed that I also thrived on tight time restraints. Though stressful, I found myself saying “no” to one person’s requests and “yes” twice to another person’s request, thus filling the time that I subconsciously believed that I had generated from my “no” response. I believe that since I was accustomed to feeling...

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...am prone to revert back into a comfort zone. Taking charge of my own emotional health was much more difficult than I had anticipated however in addressing the habit behind my behaviour I then take responsibility for my own actions. In my attempt to decrease my stress level through a lighter workload I realized that using others opinions as a measurement of my success ended up not conducive to an overall satisfaction with my achievement level; by doing this I not only placed the responsibility of my behaviour change on others but also my success. While there are many outside factors which affect an individual’s healthy living, none is more important than the choices that the individual makes. We are responsible for our actions therefore, regardless of outside influence; it is up to us to make the right choice that will benefit our personal dimensions of wellness.

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