A Complaint On The Telephone At 1200hrs / 01 / 2016 St. 49 Essay

A Complaint On The Telephone At 1200hrs / 01 / 2016 St. 49 Essay

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On 04/01/2016 St. 49 received a complaint on the telephone at 1200hrs. The caller was a female and she stated that her name was Gladys Kravitz.
The caller stated that a 911 call was placed this morning (04/01/2016) at 1000hrs for her husband 75-year-old, Abner Kravitz, was having chest pains. The location of the call was their residence at 1164 Morning Glory Circle.
Mrs. Kravitz complained to me, during our conversation, that “the arrogant ambulance drivers” completely ignored her requests and demands that her husband be transported to the V.A. Her conversation with me was very incoherent and she made many comments of no consequence, in a rambling fashion. I assured her based upon the information that I had received the Medics made the absolute right choice on their decision. I informed her that I would speak with both crew members and pass her complaint, as well as their statements to the Chief. I asked if she would like a follow-up call from the Fire Departments Administration and she stated that she herself would be calling the Chief. I inquired about Mr. Kravitz condition and she said that she did not know because she hadn’t gone to the hospital yet nor had she spoken with anyone. I thanked her for her concerns regarding her complaint and that it would be given the necessary attention required. She then called me a “smart ass” and hung up.

Details of the incident according to FF Reardon and FF Clements -

Medic 49 responded with FF Reardon and FF Clements on board. Dispatch updated the medic while they were en-route that the patient’s automatic defibrillator had activated twice. Dispatch also advised the caller was not co-operative and had disconnected prior to any other information could be obtained. Medic 49 ...

... middle of paper ...

...and recover would be greatly diminished if they went to the further destination and that Mr. Kravitz, FF Clements and himself all agreed Mercy Anderson was the reasonable choice given the circumstances. Mrs. Kravitz turned and walked away stating, “I’ll have your ass.”
The crew transported the patient without further incident or contact with Mrs. Kravitz. Prior to leaving the patients room Mr. Kravitz thanked them and apologized repeatedly for his wife’s behavior. They reassured him that his wife obviously cares about him immensely and the fact that he was having a cardiac emergency affected her. While at the hospital the crew confided with Dr. Brackett regarding what had transpired and he complimented them in their decision and that he would make any statement to that fact if required. Mr. Kravitz was on his way to the cardiac catheter lab before they had departed.

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