Essay A Competency Model Tells What People Need to Do to Accomplish the Work

Essay A Competency Model Tells What People Need to Do to Accomplish the Work

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Competency model
Noonan (2012) states that a competency model is a structure for organizing a collection of noticeable action that can affect the quality of work that people do. It tells what people need to do so that they can accomplish the work and carry responsibility.
According to CALHR (2003), state of California Leadership Competency Model can be used to evaluate the successful behavior which display competency at different leadership level. There are 23 behaviors and each behavior can be define and divide into definition and competency category for example ethics and integrity can be define as the level of individual honesty and ethical action that can affect the decision making.
Second, flexibility can be define as the skill to adapt with the new environment and learning new ways of doing things although sometimes it differ than what one prefer of doing it. Flexibility can be categories under executive competency. Third, forward thinking can be define as making a correct decision to encounter any implication and consequences of situation and prepared for any possibility. Fourth , fostering diversity can be define as the ability to give equal opportunity and fair treatment to ensure that there is no discrimination and harassment occur in the work environment. Fifth, global perspective is the skill to see problem and issues in one “big picture” means that the issues being analyze outside from any biased perception and local view. Sixth, influencing others is the ability to persuade other to gain support for ideas, solution, proposal and project. Seventh, interpersonal skills can be defined as the skill to understand and communicate positively with other coworker. Eighth, organizational awareness is the ability to understand ...

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...ion should change according to the current trends. Lastly, workforce management is the skill to effectively select,train and maintain good employee by making appropriate assignment and eavaluating employee perfomance.
Analytical thinking, change leadership, communication, decision making, ethis and integrity, fostering diversity, interpersonal skill, personal credibility, team leadership, vision and strategic thinking and workforce management can be categories under core compentency (used and being applied to all leadreship level). Conflict management,customer focus, developing others, planning and organizing and thoroughness being categories under manager or supervisor competency. Flexibility, forward thinking, global perspective, influencing others,organizational awareness, relationship building and result orientation are all under executive competency categories.

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