A Comparison of Multiple Research Designs Essay

A Comparison of Multiple Research Designs Essay

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Reversal design involves repeated measures of behavior in a given setting requiring at least three consecutive phases: initial baseline, intervention, and return to baseline (Cooper, 2007). As with any intervention, baseline data is a typical primary condition for beginning the process. With reversal design data is collected, until steady state responding is achieved and then intervention is begun. The condition is applied in the form of treatment and then reversal of the treatment is performed. This procedure is described as A-B-A or baseline, treatment, baseline. The operation and logic of the reversal design involves the prediction, verification, and replication of the treatment reducing the target behavior. The reversal of the treatment can be credited for the responsibility for the behavior change if the repetitions of the baseline and treatment phases are exact to the original phases.
The primary benefit of reversal design is its ability to distinguish between the functional relationship of the independent and dependent variables. Repeated replications of reversal design presents convincing demonstration of functional relationships of the independent variable. The reversal design quantifies the amount of the behavior changes. Once data is collected the need to change the program for maintenance can be made.
The reversal design involves possible social and scientific disadvantages that should be considered before treatment is begun. Treatment can become redundant for the subject. Ethically the provider must consider if the treatment is appropriate for the behaviors the subject exhibits. Is it effective treatment to withhold treatment to the subject. Does the provider of the treatment plan have the full cooperation...

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