A Comparison Of Mozart And Andrew Lloyd Webber Essay

A Comparison Of Mozart And Andrew Lloyd Webber Essay

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A Comparative of Mozart and Andrew Lloyd Webber
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s physical appearance could be described as smaller than ordinary, thin with a pale complexion, and had fair hair. As a child, Mozart had smallpox, so his face is said to be pitted. In dressing, his clothes were elegant. A crimson pelisse adorned his body and on his head rested a gold laced cocked hat. In comparison, Andrew Lloyd Webber has an oval shaped head, distinguished eyebrows, light skin, and dark brown hair. His attire consists of modern suits and ties with matching shoes.
During his time, Mozart’s status as a musician was rivaled by few. He was highly regarded as one of the most skilled composers in Vienna and even today, in history through his many operas, symphonies, and other works. Webber’s status is very much the same, but in accordance with modern society’s standards. He is one of a few great composers in the 20th century whose works are extremely widespread across Great Britain and the Americas. Both great composers lived in very different times, and thus lived very different lifestyles. With Mozart in Vienna during the late 1700s, his health was poor, and definitely not up to today’s standards. While Mozart was not poor, he certainly was not regarded as very wealthy either, though is finances were enough to help him accomplish his goals. Webber, on the other hand, lives in the modern world. And because of this, he is actually one of the richest people in the world due to the way music is communicated and spread with technological advancements. Both composers had a number of children, though Webber did marry three times as compared to Mozart’s once.
Mozart’s personality could be described as rapid mood changes. Some could say that Mozart ha...

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...re his operas. For Webber, his focus is on writing musical shows. In the 20th century he is one of the most prominent composers in the musical theater genre. Webber owns a variety of theaters across London, The London Palladium is arguably the world’s most famous, New London has the longest running Cats, and the Adelphi Theatre, which runs The Phantom of the Opera.
Another thing that is different between Mozart and Webber is that Mozart not only would compose his own music, but he would regularly participate in concerts as a soloist and play musical instruments such as the piano or the violin. Webber is also a composer, but he is almost exclusive to writing plays and not actively partake in the musical itself. Both lived in different time periods, so perhaps that influences how composers engage with their music. Some are hands on, while others watch from a distance.

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